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  • Medicare and Telemedicine for Seniors during Covid-19

    Seniors, Telemedicine and Covid-19
    Older people are at a greater risk of experiencing more severe complications if infected with Covid-19.  People over 65 have been asked to be vigilant about social distancing and other practices that can help to reduce the chance of being infected with the virus.

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  • Telemedicine and COVID-19

    Telemedicine and COVID-19
    The CDC is recommending the use of telemedicine to reduce the risk of disease transmission in healthcare facilities. It’s easy to understand why, telemedicine seems like it was tailor-made for this moment in time.

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  • Telemedicine: What Happens During a Telemedicine Virtual Visit with a Doctor?

    Telemedicine: What Happens During a Virtual Visit with a Doctor?
    Sometimes it’s nice to have a heads-up about how to use a new-to-you service a typical telemedicine visit, focuses on diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of health concerns using an app, video call or telephone.

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  • Telemedicine FAQ

    What exactly is telemedicine? How does it work?
    Doctors and other health professionals – nurses, pediatricians, therapists, nutritionists, dermatologists and many more -  consult with patients via video chat using a secure app or website.

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